Clerks of the Circuit Court

Each county in Indiana is served by the Clerk of the Circuit Court. While some jurisdictions have one Circuit Court, most counties have multiple courts. The Clerk is an elected official who performs as an officer of the court, the manager of court information, and the chief financial officer for all revenues collected on behalf of the court.

In Indiana, the Clerk is also the official who oversees and conducts all elections, as a member of the Election Board. The Clerk is responsible to administer and certify results for all federal, state, county, township, municipal, special, and school board elections.

Clerks who serve as members of the Legislative Committee for the Association of the Clerks of Circuit Courts of Indiana actively participate in the legislative process by drafting, promoting and testifying for bills which assist in improving the justice system in Indiana.

Members of the Association of the Clerks of Circuit Courts of Indiana are appointed to serve on the Indiana Voting Systems Advisory Committee, the Indiana State Supreme Court Records Management Committee, and the Commission on Courts; they also serve on the local Commission on Public Records.



12/28/2016   -
2017 Annual Clerk's Association Membership Dues

Just a reminder that dues increased for 2016 to help pay for our lobbyist, conference and everything in between. The maximum dues is $450.00. If your salary is $45,000 or over, your dues will be $450. If your salary is under $45,000, multiply your salary by 1% and that is the amount you pay.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. Please mail your dues to Shelley Mawhorter, Noble County Clerk. The address is indicated on the bottom of the form. Also please remember to include the form with the check.

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