Indiana State
Posted 05/13/2020

Memo to Vendors: Summer Conference Canceled

Dear Vendors:

I hope everyone is well.

Sadly, we’ve had to cancel our summer conference.  We originally planned on pushing the June conference back to August.  Last week SBOA informed us they would not be doing any live conferences this year.  Only virtual.  We did not see that as an good option for clerks.    The Crowne Plaza had their grand ball room and rooms available the first week of December.  We decided to have a one day conference there.  Date to be determined.  We are trying to co-ordinate with AIC on newly elected officials training that week.  We hope to have all the attendee’s arrive the night before.  I talked with Char Lowry about putting together a hospitality event the night before the conference.  I truly hope that is an option by December.   Just FYI all fall district meetings are cancelled as well.

Please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you in December.  I will email you the December date as soon as I get confirmation from Sara Arnold.

Shelley Septer
Clerk of Huntington County Courts
201 N Jefferson St
Huntington, IN 46750